Leonard cohen dead at 82

Leonard cohen dead at 82

The late director Leonard Cohen became a hero to thousands during a long-standing feud with his longtime partner in crime, Dolly Parton, and his sister.

Actors and comedians, many of whom were longtime friends of Parton’s, joined in an eulogy for the singer Wednesday at the Chabad House Jewish Center in New York.

Reverend Michael Dolan, the senior rabbi and founder of the Chabad Center in Los Angeles, was among those who performed.

He spoke to Cohen about his life and career that began at a jarvees.comtime when Parton, then 24, lived 바카라사이트in an old mansion.

“My brother is dead,” Dolan said.

While he spoke to Cohen, Parton continued singing an impassioned and rhapsodic version of her 1997 hit “I Will Always Love You,” as well as a few of her other hits, such as “Lose Yourself” and “Shoe Shops.”

Dolan said that he’s proud of Parton for her strength to be true to her own p바카라사이트ersonality and that she remained in good health.

Cohen’s death on Nov. 11, 1998, at age 82, brought a series of public and private announcements that both Cohen and Parton had been battling, including the breakup of their production company, Live on the Sunset Strip, and a legal dispute that had been going on for years.

In February 2000, Cohen’s widow, Shirley, announced in a statement that Cohen had died after a battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a deadly nerve disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. The statement did not say who died, but it said the two were coauthors of an experimental drug.