Residents lose long fight against morisset killer

Residents lose long fight against morisset killer

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Harrisburg Police Department is working to track down the killer after the death of a transgender woman who was beaten, strangled and stabbed five times with 바카라사이트a baseball bat.

Tara Jansen, 46, was killed by Christopher G. Givens of Wilkes-Barre after g더킹카지노etting out of her wheelchair at the Albright State Center, which runs the local chapter of the National LGBTQ Task Force. Her killer, however, is not the only suspect in the killing.

Police have identified three possible suspects in the slayings. All three suspects were arrested on Thursday in connection with the homicide. They are being held on charges of homicide in the first degree. Police believe they are related, although details about their relationship to Jansen have yet to be determined.

natyasastra.comThe city has filed a missing persons report with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to allow the missing person to notify authorities.

It has also begun reviewing some of the surveillance video from Albright State Center showing an alleged confrontation between Givens and Jansen at the end of August. Surveillance footage shows Givens pulling Jansen’s head down and pushing her across the grass. It does not appear Givens used a bat, but instead that Jansen, who appears to be under five years old, was struck multiple times in the face with a bat.

An autopsy is scheduled for May 26.

The investigation is ongoing.

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